Vinyl, My New Obsession

It has been way too long since I last posted on here! Almost a year!!

Over the last few months I have started to really get into Vinyl. I have always owned a couple of LP’s, I’ve just never had the means to play them. So a few months ago I decided to dust of Dad’s old NAD 5120 & give it a whirl. At first it wasn’t working 100%. I thought it was the turntable. So I jumped on eBay and found an exact same model for a cheap as price & snapped it up! After setting it all up, it was actually the amplifier that was the issue & not the turntable. All I needed was to get a Phono Pre-Amp from JayCar & I was all set.

After getting some extra bits & pieces, including a long ass RCA cable to sit the turntable where I wanted, it was working perfectly! The only thing I have to do is switch the audio source on the amplifier. My first spin was The Living End’s “The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating”. I’ve had this LP for as long as the record has been released. I even managed to get it signed by the TLE boys at the Retrospective Tour back in 2012. Since I started, I have slowly been building a collection, that currently consists of the following (in order of purchase):

I have found myself searching for vinyl instead of CD’s of late. CD’s just get ripped to my computer & never get used again. There is just something about vinyl that I am finding enjoyment in. It’s about the album art, the design of the disc itself. Much like the how Kingswood’s debut album, Microscopic Wars is this wicked Black & Red translucent splatter! (Original photo on @kingswoodfans instagram, posted by myself). I just feel more “part of the music” so to speak. Other Vinyl nerds would say the same thing. I also managed to get my Ed Sheeran X (Multiply) signed by the man himself when I met him!

I guess my collection will continue to grow, and I am perfectly okay with that!

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The Living End @ Precinct Hotel for Triple M’s Hot Breakfast

Stef managed to win us two tickets to go and see The Living End perform at Melbourne’s Precinct Hotel for Triple M’s Hot Breakfast!

It was amazing, totally worth getting up at 4:30am to get there by 6am.

Was great to see the show itself broadcast live! Then to put the icing on the cake, The Living End hit the stage just after 7am and opened with their top selling single Second Solution. They also played several tracks from their latest album The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating.

I won a few prizes too! Got a Living End poster & a Triple M Signed Guernsey.

I took my State of Emergency guitar tab book & the From Here On In DVD cover to get signed. I managed to get those two & the poster I won signed!! So happy!!!

To ensure that the poster stayed safe & undamaged whilst on our trip to Sydney I went to a post office, got a mailing tube, and sent it home to myself!!

Cannot wait to go to their gig at The Palace in September with my cousin Jarrod for his 21st Birthday. Meanwhile, here is their latest single, live from The Precinct Hotel for Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

Thank You Stef for getting me the tickets! Thank You Triple M Hot Breakfast & The Precinct Hotel for an awesome morning!! And of course, Thank You to Chris, Scott & Andy from The Living End for, as always, putting on an amazing show!! See you in September!!!