Stop this planet, I want to get off!

I have not done one of these rants in a while, and at the moment I am pretty pissed off with society.

So here we go


Our city is getting worse & worse!

All I see on the news is people getting stabbed, king hit, beaten to a pulp, raped, even killed.

What is wrong with our society that lets this go on and on and continue to happen? Seriously?

Like on the weekend for instance. This guy was just driving along, minding his own business when a youth deliberately threw a tennis ball at his windscreen.

The guy pulled over (big mistake) to tell the kid off, to most likely tell him “I could of had an accident, maybe even ran off the road and hit a tree”.

The youth then proceeded to attack him, then his mates came out, and the poor bloke is now in hospital with stab wounds.


Next I hear a guy was in the city on the weekend, and these guys started to say “you did you throw pizza at my girlfriend for?”

First of all, the guy didn’t even have a girlfriend, and secondly, what pizza? Obviously looking for trouble.

The guys mate came in for some support, to work out what the problem was, then these guys attacked him, king hit him, and now he is in hospital. In a serious condition. In an induced coma. A FUCKING COMA?! Over a fake girlfriend and invisible pizza?

THEN there is the story on the TV tonight about “Teen Girls On Display” wearing tight outfits, 3 sizes too small, wearing what looked like sparkly briefs as “shorts”.

They say the parents are POWERLESS???? Uhhhh WHAT?!?! Have you heard of a fucking lock? Keeping an actual eye on your children?

When I was 18-20 & went out, a girl that wore tight jeans, or a nice dress with just a tiny bit of flesh was sexy as. These girls think it is sexy? They think they are hot? It is vulgar!! Maybe if they were a porn star it would be okay. But no, once again, this needs to stop.

How can society just go by and let all of this shit happen? How is it that when I was going out in the city, this shit was never even heard of! It is actually turning me off wanting to go out in the city.

If this sort of disgusting and unacceptable behavior continues. Bars will suffer, they will close, and then our reputation for having a wide selection of Bars will cease to exist.

What adds to all of this is my brother told me of a photo he saw, with a cop, holding a beer bong, in full uniform. Yes, a Police Officer. A role model. The protector of our society. Holding a fucking beer bong. How is this acceptable? It gives all the people that do all of these despicable acts the impression that law enforcement don’t give a shit.

THAT is by far the worst.

(her comes the slightly amusing part)

With all these super hero movies out these days, I am surprised that some one has not become a masked vigilante . A Batman, an Iron Man, a Captain Melbourne (his outfit would suck tho)

Something needs to be done, or I will try to find another planet to live, because this one is pretty fucked right now.


Virgin Sucks! Is it time for me to finally move over to Tel$tra?

I have had it up to here with the shit reception I have been having over the past few years.

I was with 3 Mobile, switched to Virgin 10 months ago hoping for an improvement. Still shit. So maybe its time I give in to my hate for Tel$tra so I can finally get the reception & coverage that I deserve.

As a result of my pent up frustrations, It is time, again, to contact my “service” provider & hope they give in to my wishes. If not, then it’s off to the TIO for a second time around to get out of my contract.

Bonus is that I may get an update to an iPhone 4S out of it…

My email to Virgin Mobile

In December 2010, I moved from 3 Mobile to Virgin mobile after issues with cellular connectivity & the lack of reception I was having at home & abroad.
Currently I am still having the same issues with your network. At home I have zero reception, if not worse than what it was with 3 mobile.
To put it in perspective, in order to receive phone calls at home I have a Telstra prepaid mobile that I use to divert calls to. That way I can actually carry a conversation longer than 30 seconds without it dropping out and having to call my friend back.
Even when I am at work on St Kilda road in Melbourne’s CBD I have trouble hearing my friends & subsequently end up calling them back from my works land line.
In almost 10 months, I have not seen any improvement.
I have already contacted the TIO to seek advice on this matter, hence my email to you.
I have an iPhone 4, iOS 5, non-jailbreak (not that it makes a difference)

The only reason I chose Virgin back in December was because you had the best offer at the time. In addition, being that you are on the Optus network, I was under the impression that the coverage would improve. This is not the case, and now I am stuck with a provider that is failing to provide me with the service that I require.

I wish to move my service over to Telstra where I know I will get the coverage that I deserve.


man, cabbies suck monkeys bawls.

seriously, if you have your ‘im free to pick up a fare’ light on. fucking pick up a fair!!

is it honestly that hard?!

if you do not wish to pick up a fare that is not heading into the city then TURN YOUR FUCKING LIGHT OFF!!!

i had 4 cabs go past me before one would stop. by then i was furious and said the same thing as above.

he said they are just heading to the city. uhhh isnt it like a law that a cabbie cannot refuse a fair.

fuck you, i have cash, i have directions, its like a short detour on your trip back to the city to pick up some drunk pricks that will most likely puke in your precious cab.

end rant……. that is all

Muppets Drivig Fast Cars

Was on my way home from dropping Tegan off in the city just before.
Pulled onto the eastern from huddle st. Got up to 100-102 and set the cruise control.
Out of no where this 4WD comes screaming past out of nowhere. But then he slows down and stays around the speed limit.
Then this guy in a Commodore S is weaving in and out of traffic.
I get cought behind him and he is hitting the breaks. WTF?! Breaks on fwy? If it’s a slower car. Use the empty lane next to you an, as hughsy would say, GO ROUND!!
I was now sitting on about 90. Saw an empty lane, dropped it to 3rd and went around. Back to 5th and resume cruise. The guy in the commo didn’t like me doing that. So he speeds up, ‘yeah I’m faster than you’
I’m shakin my head, as the chick in te far right is also shaking her head.
Then that 4WD I mentioned was also infont of the commo. ‘i know what I’ll do. I’ll tailgate him jut for fun’
The poor bloke in the 4WD would change lanes to let him past only to have him change too to continue to follow. This continued on as the sped down the fwy. I exited at Thompsons rd. However I’m sure this continued on until one of them exited also.
Like seriously, that guy in the commo was lookin to get killed.
What a Muppet!