#PAXaus 2013

Sadly I never actually finished this post. I ended up winning those headphones ūüėÄ

It wasn’t that long ago that I campaigned to win a trip to attend the San Diego Comic Con. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful. My partner, Stef¬†& I were pretty heartbroken about it. We worked our ass off to try win. Stef more than anyone!

Shortly after the winners were announced, Stef discovered a Pok√©mon¬†event was being held by Nintendo Australia at Melbourne’s Federation Square. The purpose of the event was to scout for Pok√©mon¬†Masters & battle them against each other to represent Australia at the World Pok√©mon¬†Championship in Canada.

This event sounded like a lot of fun! The best part was that, all entries had a chance win a ticket to attend the Penny Arcade Expo, PAXaus. The idea was to battle against other Pokémon Masters & qualify to attend the Australian Championship battle at PAXaus. So, in an attempt to win tickets to a sold out event, Stef & I went along in then hope that Stef would qualify & could attend PAXaus.

The day had arrived & I was up early & ready to pick up Stef to make our way into Fed Square to join in the fun. I had received a text from Stef over night saying that she wanted to sleep in a bit. So I waited a little longer before I headed over to pick her up. I arrived & she was still asleep! I had to drag her out of bed & get her motivated to go! I wanted her to attend the event because I wanted her to go to PAXaus! After some convincing, we were on our way! I was stressing out because registrations were supposed to close at 11am & I thought we were not going to make it. As it turned out, they left registrations open all day.

We finally arrived, Stef registered & we settled in for a long day! We were sitting at the back of the BMW Edge Centre, just playing our DS’s. Stef was training up her¬†Pok√©mon as much as possible before her first round battle. Stef started talking to this lovely girl, Anne-Marie, about¬†Pok√©mon. I don’t know how we got to this idea, but I decided to register to play & use Stef’s game. The idea was that I too would have a chance to attend PAXaus.
I even told the lovely girl at the registration desk my plan! Abby thought it was a brilliant idea! She even hinted that we may all receive a ticket to PAXaus due to the low registration numbers. I have never played this game before in my life, but I wanted to go to this event so bad! As it turned out, my opponent was Anne-Marie, the girl we had only just met!

The day went on & it finally got around to battle time for Stef. Unfortunately she did not win her first round. This sucked! I wanted her to win the first round so bad so that she got a ticket to PAXaus.
Shortly after, it was my turn to battle against Anne-Marie. I thought for sure she would win! Considering I have never played this game before! I do not know how, maybe it was just sheer luck, but I ended up winning! I felt bad because we had just befriended this person, then I just beat her at her own game ūüôĀ

The celebrations were short lived when I got absolutely destroyed in the second round! It was over so quickly! Oh well, it was worth a try! It was now late in the afternoon & we were exhausted! After a short chat with Abby about how we will find out about the tickets, we headed home.

About a week after we attended, we both received emails stating that we qualified for a ticket to PAXaus!! YAY!! We were going!!

Pokemon Championship

I couldn’t believe our luck! Although something tells me that everyone that attended the battle event got a pass! Attending the sold out Penny Arcade Expo for an entire day was great as we would of been at SDCC that weekend!¬†As we only had a day pass, we wanted to make the most of it! The decision was made that we would get there early & stay as late as possible!

The day finally arrived and we were off to the Penny Arcade Expo thanks to Nintendo! How exciting!

We got there repetitively early & registered at the info desk to receive our lanyard & ticket for entry. There were already heaps of people all lined up ready to take on PAXaus, at least a thousand, maybe more!

Shortly after 10am we were let in! You would expect that it would be a mad rush, people trampling over everyone to get in. It was the exact opposite of that! Everyone was calm, collected & was looking out for others! Right then & there, before I had seen anything, I knew this would be the best convention I have ever attended.

Stef & I were amazed at how much space PAXaus had! There was so much room to move around & through the massive crowds! Not long after we entered, we were greeted by the lovely people over at the Sennheiser booth. They were demoing their new, high performance, Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones.

I was playing around on the iPad & listening to these awesome headphones when one of the Sennheiser models told me about how I could win a pair for myself. Basically, all I had to do