A Victory For myki Users & People That Lose Things

Since the introduction of myki to Victoria’s Public Transport system back in 2008, it has been riddled with problems and has had it’s fare (pun intended) share of controversy. Personally I have never really had any issues with the system. I mainly commute using the Bus/Tram network, so I’ve avoided those “crazy queues” at the gates of a train station. That was until last week…

On my registered myki account I currently have eight cards. My girlfriend Stef and myself share the registered account. Mostly because it is easier to keep track on spending & balances etc with just the one log-in. Unfortunately, over time we have lost cards and Stef had lost her myki last week. So now, we only have one active card left on our account. Stef got a new card, gave me the number to register it, but I couldn’t. Apparently you can only have a total of eight cards on a registered account. So I finally decided to fill out the forms required to transfer all balances to the remaining active card and cancel/archive the seven inactive cards. After about a week, I get this email stating that I can only have eight cards in total. This includes archived cards. I was stuck. Couldn’t do anything. I was told I had to create a new myki registration account to enable more cards. Now that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Just think you are a family of five. You have all five myki cards registered to the one account. Each of these cards have an expiry. Since you activated them at the same time, they will all expire on the same date. You apply to replace all five expired cards, yet you can only register three of these because of the eight card limit. It’s just not right.

It pushed me to make a formal complaint. After a quick response yesterday, it was passed onto the Public Transport Victoria (PTV) Advocate. The Advocate is the last resort before you go to the PTV Ombudsmen. After a quick discussion with the lovely lady from the PTV Advocate’s office and outlining several examples on how the system. She agreed and said something needs to change. We discussed how it could be improved and she escalated the case to include the following:

I understand that you have raised your complaint with PTV but you are not satisfied with the outcome of that complaint.
My understanding of your complaint is that:

  • you have 8 myki cards registered to your myki account, and 7 of those cards have been lost
  • you hold possession of one registered myki card number 30*********7161 (current active card)
  • you contacted PTV to request for the remaining balances on the lost cards to be transferred to the current active card, you have completed application forms for the balance transfers
  • you also requested to added additional myki cards to your registered account, however PTV advised you that you could not add more than 8 cards to your online account
  • PTV suggested for you to create a new registered account to register the new card
  • you are dissatisfied with the solution offered by PTV as it would require you to monitor two card cards and two separate accounts

You have advised that to resolve your complaint, you would like PTV to:

  • allow you to add a new myki card to your existing online myki account

Today I received a response from the PTV Advocate. Within 24hrs. I was impressed. I was even more impressed when I read the details of the email.

In response to your complaint, I referred to and assessed the information provided by both you and PTV to conduct an investigation into your case. After reviewing all relevant information, I can advise the following:

  • PTV’s business improvement team has scheduled an IT change to remove myki cards that reflect a ‘refunded’ or ‘expired’ status from registered customer’s active myki card lists
  • once a myki card reflects a ‘refunded’ or ‘expired’ status, it will free up additional space on registered customer accounts, allowing customers to add additional cards to their accounts
  • the IT change is scheduled for deployment on 23 May 2015. This is the earliest date available due to other business improvement changes taking priority
  • as you have requested for a balance transfer of your 7 lost cards to your current myki card number 30*********7161, those cards will reflect a ‘refunded’ status once the transfers are processed. Post 23 May 2015, you will be able to add new myki cards to your registered account
  • unfortunately, PTV cannot offer an alternative solution prior to the scheduled IT change
  • PTV sincerely regrets that you are impacted by this issue, and apologises for the inconvenience caused.

The evidence that I referred to when conducting my investigation consisted of reference to an IT change scheduled for May 2015.

My view of the complaint
I have considered your comments and the information you provided and the evidence sourced from PTV. Based on this information, I believe a reasonable way of resolving the complaint would be to outline that PTV has a fix in place to allow registered customer’s to add new myki cards to their registered account – as detailed above.


VICTORY! I am so happy and pleased with the response. Not only is this going to assist myself because we’re always losing myki’s, but is going to benefit every Public Transport & myki user in the state! I am interested to know if you have had this same issue with the card limit? Or perhaps you don’t lose things lol. So for now, we wait. I will post a follow up at the end of May. Let’s just hope they process the change on time.

I would be interested to hear if others have had the same issue with the card limit. Did you try to do something about it? What response did you get? Feel free to discuss in the comments 🙂

Happy Travels!