Triple J’s Hottest 100 of 2014

It’s that time of year again! The time where we spend days upon days trying to select 10 songs to vote for in Triple J’s Hottest 100. This year, Triple J has been the only radio station I have listened too. I was sick and tired of the crap on commercial radio. It is the same old, boring “entertainment”. The music is okay, the shows, not so much. I tried to keep my short list down to 35 again, but that was proving difficult.

To be perfectly honest, Ed Sheeran would have been in my Top 10. However, his tracks are note listed on the voting page. I know I can add them, but there is no real point voting if it won’t poll.
So, here are my Top 4 albums & Top 40 songs of 2014.

I have added the predictions from the @socialhottest on twitter next to each of my votes using [x]. Actual votes will be updated using {x}.

Song of the Year:

I Can Feel That You Don’t Love Me (ICFTYDLM) – Kingswood (video here)

Albums of the Year:

  1. Microscopic Wars – Kingswood
  2. X (Multiply) – Ed Sheeran
  3. Dream Your Life Away – Vance Joy
  4. Sonic Highways – Foo Fighters


Top 10

  1. I Can Feel That You Don’t Love Me – Kingswood [63] {56}
  2. Mess Is Mine – Vance Joy [18]
  3. Something From Nothing – Foo Fighters [na] {84}
  4. Micro Wars – Kingswood [96] {74}
  5. High {Ft. Nicole Millar} – Peking Duck [1] {2}
  6. Standing In The Ocean – Calling All Cars [na]
  7. Walking Under Stars – Hilltop Hoods [na]
  8. Sober – Childish Gambino [48]
  9. Tremor – Kingswood [na]
  10. The Same Man {Ft. Kingswood on backing vocals} – Dan Sultan [na]

Top 20

  1. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran [na]
  2. Bloodstream – Ed Sheeran [na]
  3. I Am A River – Foo Fighters [na]
  4. So Long – Kingswood [na]
  5. Cosby Sweater – Hilltop Hoods [7]
  6. Uptown Funk {Ft. Bruno Mars} – Mark Ronson [10]
  7. All Too Much – Kingswood [na]
  8. Side To Side – Kingswood [na]
  9. Piece By Piece – Kingswood [na]
  10. First Time – Vance Joy [90]

Top 40

  1. You Can’t Build A Bridge Out Of Muffins – Sinking Teeth, The [na]
  2. Holiday Home – Grates, The [na]
  3. Black Rat – DZ Death Rays [na]
  4. Wrong Direction – British Inda [73] {83}
  5. Pull The Trigger – Apes [na]
  6. Left Hand Free – alt-J [23]
  7. Surrender – Smith Street Band, The [35]
  8. Grandma’s Hands – Meg Mac [91]
  9. Around Town – Kooks, The [na]
  10. Dawn – Basenji [na]
  11. She Only Loves Me When I’m There – Ball Park Music [17]
  12. Good God! – Calling All Cars [na]
  13. Death Of You – I Am Giant [na]
  14. Little Monster – Royal Blood [76]
  15. Figure It Out – Royal Blood [95]
  16. I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore – Smith Street Band, The [93]
  17. Breathe In {Ft. Wafia} – Japanese Wallpaper [na]
  18. Delivery – Split Seconds [na]
  19. Gooey – Glass Animals [15]
  20. All The Rage Back Home – Interpol [84]

Vinyl, My New Obsession

It has been way too long since I last posted on here! Almost a year!!

Over the last few months I have started to really get into Vinyl. I have always owned a couple of LP’s, I’ve just never had the means to play them. So a few months ago I decided to dust of Dad’s old NAD 5120 & give it a whirl. At first it wasn’t working 100%. I thought it was the turntable. So I jumped on eBay and found an exact same model for a cheap as price & snapped it up! After setting it all up, it was actually the amplifier that was the issue & not the turntable. All I needed was to get a Phono Pre-Amp from JayCar & I was all set.

After getting some extra bits & pieces, including a long ass RCA cable to sit the turntable where I wanted, it was working perfectly! The only thing I have to do is switch the audio source on the amplifier. My first spin was The Living End’s “The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating”. I’ve had this LP for as long as the record has been released. I even managed to get it signed by the TLE boys at the Retrospective Tour back in 2012. Since I started, I have slowly been building a collection, that currently consists of the following (in order of purchase):

I have found myself searching for vinyl instead of CD’s of late. CD’s just get ripped to my computer & never get used again. There is just something about vinyl that I am finding enjoyment in. It’s about the album art, the design of the disc itself. Much like the how Kingswood’s debut album, Microscopic Wars is this wicked Black & Red translucent splatter! (Original photo on @kingswoodfans instagram, posted by myself). I just feel more “part of the music” so to speak. Other Vinyl nerds would say the same thing. I also managed to get my Ed Sheeran X (Multiply) signed by the man himself when I met him!

I guess my collection will continue to grow, and I am perfectly okay with that!

A photo posted by Grant Alexander (@xander85) on

A photo posted by Grant Alexander (@xander85) on

A photo posted by Grant Alexander (@xander85) on

Triple J’s Hottest 100 of 2013

For the first time, in a very long time, I have actually sat down & shortlisted a bunch of my favorite songs to vote for in Triple J”s Hottest 100 of 2013. I managed to get my list to a Top 35. Including 3 Arctic Monkeys songs in my Top 10 and 2 Kingswood songs in the Top 5

Song of the Year:

Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys (video here)

Album of the Year:

AM – Arctic Monkeys {Number 1 Album on Triple J}


Top 10

  1. Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys (video here) {4}
  2. Arabella – Arctic Monkeys {18}
  3.  Ohio – Kingswood {53}
  4.  Give Life Back To Music – Daft Punk
  5.  Sucker Punch – Kingswood
  6.  Summer Forgive Me – British India {84}
  7.  If I Had A Tail – Queens Of The Stone Age {46}
  8.  Why’d You Only Call Me When You”re High? – Arctic Monkeys {6}
  9.  Under Your Skin – Dan Sultan {197}
  10.  Wolf {Like A Version} – Kingswood

Top 20

  1. Thirst – City And Colour {165}
  2. Afterlife – Arcade Fire {54}
  3. Shadow Moses – Bring Me The Horizon {92}
  4. I Want It All – Arctic Monkeys
  5. Riptide – Vance Joy {1}
  6. I Sat By The Ocean – Queens Of The Stone Age {72}
  7. Loud Like Love – Placebo
  8. Play With Fire – Vance Joy {95}
  9. Back To You – Twin Forks
  10. Demons – Imagine Dragons

Top 35

  1. Feel Good Inc. Ft. Urthboy And Scott & Andy From The Living End {Like A Version} – Ash Grunwald
  2. One For The Road – Arctic Monkeys {118}
  3. Southern Sun – Boy & Bear {41}
  4. Plastic Souvenirs – British India {154}
  5. Get Lucky – Daft Punk {3}
  6. Right Action – Franz Ferdinand
  7. Everything – Nine Inch Nails
  8. Love You Deserve – Stonefield {198}
  9. Werewolves – Calling All Cars
  10. Bonnie {Ft. The Griswolds} – Chance Waters
  11. No. 1 Party Anthem – Arctic Monkeys
  12. Snap Out Of It – Arctic Monkeys {182}
  13. Fireside – Arctic Monkeys
  14. Come A Little Closer – Cage The Elephant {132}
  15. Giorgio By Moroder – Daft Punk {162}

Linkin Park – Living Things


Linkin Park – Living Things

I have been waiting for this album ever since the Burn It Down Single was released!

It is such a short album, but it is oh so amazing!

My favorite track would have to be Powerless.

I also love the way Linkin Park use tracks as a transition from one song to another.

Tinfoil is the best example of how they master this!

This album is definitely worth the listen!!

Girl Talk


Yesterday whilst driving I was listening to Triple J’s 2010 with Richard Kingsmill and he was talking about a free downloadable album from Girl Talk. The reason for it being free is due to every track containing an uncountable number of samples. So due to copyright issues they cannot produce the album commercially. Either way Free or Not I had to get my hands on it.

I have been listening to it for almost half an hour now and OH MY GOD, the tracks in combination samples are like a musical journey through time! For instance the track On and On (track 6) has 80’s and even recent top 40 chart artists. Full sample list is available here all 350+ artists!

This album is truly unbelieveable!!! Definately worth the download and listen multiple times!!

It is available for download here at You can download it as one single mixed track, or split ‘for easy navigation’
Can’t wait for them to release the FLAC version of it.

OMG just before I hit post Rage Against the Machine was sampled. I now LOVE these guys!!

new computer

I know it has been ages, again!, since my last post, reason being is that i haven’t had the pc or tools to do it with. This is because iv’e been waiting on a brand spankin new pc!! oh yeah!! hehe. It’s pretty mad, ill roll off the specs later on for all those who want to know 🙂

Reason why i haven’t had my new pc was because I was waiting on a power supply to be imported from the United States of we don’t give a shit! haha, was takin forever to get it here, so i just canceld my order and got a pretty decent one from pc case gear, one of my favourite sites.

Why couldnt i just use notepad to edit my html files you say? well im just too fkin lazy to do that, i prefer my macromedia dreamweaver to edit my site, speaking of wich ive got the new Macromedia 8 suite, pretty shnazzy.

hl2 image

Other recent activity include buying new computer games to go with the new pc 🙂 ive been playin Half Life 2, i know its an old game, but ive never played it. The graphic settings are all on High and it still runs ok, take a few of them down a notch and its runs very very smooth!!

About a week ago my mates band had their CD launch, they have been recording for quite some time now, wich means they have been off the live seen for ages!! It’s good to see them back out struttin their stuff on stage. Was a pretty awsome gig, was good to hear some new stuff along with the songs ive heard many of times befor. Their called accessory and you can check them out here.


Johnny, the lead singer, has written an article called “10 Rules for a live performance” its a pretty intersting read and can be checked out here.

Ok now for the spec’s of my computer:

  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-8N-SLi Pro – click here
    • NVIDIA nForce 4 SLi Intel Edition Chipset
    • Dual Core Processor Ready
    • Duall Channel DDR2
    • SLi Multi-GPU Ready
    • PCI Express x 2
    • PCI x 2
    • Serial-ATA x 6
    • IDE x 2
    • IEEE 1394b – Firewire x 2
    • USB x 10
    • Gigabit LAN x 1
    • 5.1 Sound Card
  • Graphics Card: Gigabyte 6600GT – click here
    • Silent Pipe II
    • 256MB DDR2
    • HDTV Out
  • Processor: Intel
    • Pentium 4
    • 3.4 GHz
    • Hyper-Threading Technology
  • Power Supply: Ultra X-Finity – click here
    • 500W Black – Mirror Finish
    • 1 x 20/24 Pin Motherboard Connector
    • 1 x 4 Pin +12V Motherboard Connector
    • 8 x 4 Pin Molex Connectors
    • 2 x 4 Pin Floppy Power Connectors
    • 2 x PCI Express Connectors
    • 4 x SATA Connectors
    • 1 x 8 Pin EPS Connector
  • RAM: GeIL
    • 512mb DDR2
    • 512mb DDR2
    • Total 1GB
  • Wireless
    • Netgear 802.11g/b RangeMax PCI Network Card
    • D-Link Indoor Directional Antenna – ANT24-0600
      • 2.4GHz
      • 6dBi
  • Case: Silverstone LC17 HTPC – click here
    • Black
    • Standard ATX
    • 5.25″ x2
    • 3.5″ x1
    • Cooling
      • Rear: 2 x 80mm Quad-Red LED Fan, 2500rpm, 27.4dBA
      • Front: 1 x 80mm exhaust fan, 2050rpm, 21dBA
      • Side: 1 x 80mm Slim-Line, 2500rpm, 25dBA
  • Hard Disk, Optical Drives & Card Readers
    • Maxtor 40GB ATA HDD – System Drive
    • Seagate 250GB ATA HDD – Video, Downloads, Data etc…
    • Seagate 300GB SATA HDD – Music
    • Lite-On DVD+-R/RW/RAM Dual-Layer
    • Imation DVD+-R/RW Single-Layer
    • Internal 3.5″ Card Reader – Black – click here
      • Memory Stick Pro Duo
      • Compact Flash
      • Micro Drive Card
      • Secure Digital
      • Mini Secure Digital
      • Multi Media Card
      • xD Picture Card
      • Smart Media
      • USB Port
      • 1394 Firewire
      • Headphone Jack
      • Microphone Jack