Iron Man 3

First of all, there will be no spoilers in this post!

Ever since The Avengers came out 12 months ago I have been waiting in anticipation for the release of Iron Man 3.

Well, I have just returned home from a double feature at IMAX Melbourne of Avengers & Iron Man 3. Both displayed in stunning 3D.
IMAX put on a great evening! Iron Man 3 posters! (I scored one of these at the Oblivion event last week too). Mother energy drink to keep us awake! And a lucky door prize that consisted of a framed set of Avengers & Iron Man 3 posters! I did not win this, alas 🙁

After seeing The Avengers on the big screen again, I have forgotten how much I love this film!
Actually, that is a lie! I have ALWAYS loved this film! I just fell in love all over again! I mean, Just check out my wallpaper that has not changed in 12 months!

Avengers Wallpaper

Avengers was great in IMAX! It is a real shame that it was a special one off just for the release of Iron Man 3. They would make quite a bit of coin if they released it for a limited season.

Anyway, enough about Avengers! I am here to talk about IRON MAN 3!

Overall, I loved the film! So many moments in it made me question “what the hell is going on?” Then BAM! It brings you right back in!
Tony Stark is, as expected, his arrogant self! His quirky one-liners are awesome as always! His interactions with a new character really bring him back down to earth. Back to where it all started.
Pepper is great! She really steps up to the plate in this one! But what the hell happened to John Favreau? Did he eat his way into this film? Man he put on some weight…

I am not sure if it is because it’s 3:30am or the fact that it is near impossible for me to talk about it without giving away any spoilers! I could rant on and on about OMG THE SCENE WHERE HE & THEN THIS HAPPENED & THEN HE FLEW INTO THIS!!

… It is near impossible!

So, I will leave it at this. Iron Man 3 is great film! The IMAX experience was great! You MUST see this!!

I cannot wait to see this again, and again, and again, and… well you see where this is going!

Oh, and don’t be one of those idiots that leave as soon as the house lights come on! IT IS A MARVEL FILM! There is ALWAYS something a little extra! So I beg you! Hang around for the credits!