An Evening With Ed Sheeran & A Fractured Foot

The Concert & The Injury – Friday Night

After what was one of the busiest weeks I have ever had at work, I was really looking forward to Friday night.

My lovely girlfriend & I were off to see Ed Sheeran play a sold out show at St Kilda’s Palais Theatre.

We both finished work at 5pm. As I work in the city, I was there quite early. Stef was on her way from Box Hill where she works.

The “plan of attack” for the show was to get there early, get a spot right next to the door & be first in line. Stef would arrive & take over holding the spot. I would then venture down Acland St to grab some take away for dinner. Eat it in the line with the hour to go before doors open. Then hit the merchandise stand straight away to grab the Limited Edition EP’s that were available, perhaps some tees or hoodies if we felt like it. Then make our way to the seats and settle in for an incredible show.

Things were going to plan, I found a spot right at the front of door 4. I was chilling on the ground, playing 3D Mario Land on my newly acquired Ice White 3DS. Patiently waiting for Stef to arrive.
Some randoms had a chat to me, which was nice, then Stef turned up. It was now about 6:30.

Stef wanted a kebab for dinner & I am not one to argue about a kebab. Stef offered to pay, so she gave me her wallet & off I went.

I ventured down Acland St in search of kebabs. I found this nice looking place called FalafelXtra. I entered the shop & spoke to a nice young bloke who took my order.

Whist I was waiting for Stef, I downed quite a bit of water, so I was busting to go to the bathroom.

I asked the guy if I could use his bathroom. “Sure, not a problem, it’s just out the back sliding door & to the left”
It was now about 7pm

I ventured to the back of the place & opened the sliding door.

It was pitch black, no light on at all. I turned around to look for a light. As I turned, my left foot rolled over the edge of the step into a hole between the wall and the ramp down to the bathroom.

The hole was about 2ft deep, my entire left leg fell into the hole, putting the weight of my entire body onto my rolled foot.
I was still busting to pee, so I attempted to stand up, I fell over straight away. So I had to hop to the bathroom.
I did my business, then hopped back out into the restaurant & said to the guy “Do you not have any lights out back? I just fell into a hole and fucked my foot!”

Needless to say I was pretty pissed off & angry, but I was also in a lot of pain.

I recall the guy saying “I turned them off just before, because no one was out there.” If that was the case he should of warned me about the darkness & the step. He also should of turned the light on for me before I even went out there.

I sat down & put my foot up onto another chair. The first thing I did was ask for something frozen, an ice pack, or a bag of frozen food so I could ice it. He was pretty quick & returned with a bag of frozen food & a towel. I began to ice it straight away. I asked him if there was a first aid kit so I could strap it. All there was were some bandages, so I did my best to secure my foot, but it wasn’t that good.

The young guy handled himself really well, he was really nice & notably flustered with the whole situation. I asked him to return Stef’s wallet to her back at the Palais. He was kind enough to run back and return it to her. Stef was freaking out that I was not going to make it back before doors opened in half an hour. Stef got her wallet & was now able to enter and without me and buy merch as per our original plan.

I then began to think about how I was going to return to the Palais to see Ed Sheeran. I said to the guy “You are going to have to pay for a taxi to get me back, because I cannot walk, as I fell in your shop”
He then said “I will call my boss, he will be here soon” I was okay with this.

I waited about 15 minutes & Harry the manager turned up. He looked concerned, was wondering what happened. So I proceeded to tell him the entire story again. He didn’t really say that much, was just checking out my foot, seeing if I could move it etc. However I still could not put any weight onto it.

As we were discussing my foot, another partron interrupetd and mentioned that she was a registered nurse. She offered to assist in strapping my foot. She said we needed something better than the bandages & that I would require crutches. I asked Harry if there was a chemist near by, as they hire out crutches & would have the correct pressure banagages to secure my foot. He offered to pay for the cost of the crutches but he wanted my drivers licence to use for ID. I was okay with that, all I was really worried about was getting to the gig.

As Harry left in search of the chemist, the lovely nurse was inspecting my foot. She said it’s not broken because the pain would be higher, however it may be fractured or just serverly sprained.

Whilst all this was happening, I called home to speak to my folks. Mum answered the home phone & for some reason I could hear her, but she could not hear me. So I hung up and called Dad’s mobile. He had just left the house to get take away. So I gave him the whole story & I asked if he could pick the two of us up from the Palais after the gig. He said just let me know when to leave & I’ll meet you out front.

Harry returned without crutches, they were closed. He then went back out to search for a proper pressure bandage. Shortly after he returned with Elastoplas Sports Tape. It wasn’t perfect but it would do the job okay.
The nurse assisted in getting it strapped properly and I was all ready to head back.

I was still hungry, so they kindly gave me the order I came in for, free of charge of course. Harry assisted me to the front of the shop where the young guy took me in his car back to the Palais for the show.

The crowd was massive! I was freaking out! How the hell was I going to do this?!
He pulled over in front of Luna Park & I put my arm around him & hopped on over to the Palais. I made my way through the crowd & got to the door. I let the guy go & thanked him once again for all his help.

The security were a bit shocked. Like, WTF is with this guy, on one foot, with his shoe in his hand, holding a bag with hot kebabs in it? So once again, I explained my situation yet again & that Stef had my ticket & should be waiting at door 4.
They called for the head security guy, I forget his name, but he was so nice! He got me a wheel chair, found Stef for me & took me over to the cloaking desk.
We checked in our stuff & I was wondering why there was more than we had before I left to get food.

Stef decided to spoil me with merch! She got me an Ed Sheeran hoodie, two tee’s & the limited edition EP’s! Stef is so amazing, she always spoils me & buys me awesome things! I am so lucky to have such an amazing soul in my life! Thank you Stef, you really cheered me up after everything that happened!

The security guard wheeled me in to our seats & we were quite lucky that our seats were in the aisle. So I was able to sit quite comfortably.
All of the staff at the Palais Theatre were so lovely, nice & understanding of my situation. They got me an ice bag & even a booster seat with a pillow to rest my foot on.
Before Ed Sheeran came on, I was sitting to the side, on a chair with my foot up on the other. The support act came on & they let me stay there right up until Ed came on.I could of stayed there all night, however they needed those seats for the security personnel to police the aisles to stop people from rushing the stage.

When you sprain your ankle you have to keep it elevated. @edsheeran #edstagram

A photo posted by Grant Alexander (@xander85) on

We got moved back to our seats. Ready to get the concert started! The crowd was going nuts! So many screaming teenage girls! It was insane! Then, out he came! ED SHEERAN!! OMG!! All of a sudden my foot wasn’t that bad!
Needless to say, Ed Sheeran was INCREDIBLE!! I was truly amazed! So was Stef! The looks on her face when he rhymed & rapped so quickly! It was amazing!

Thank You @edsheeran! I may have sprained my ankle getting here but the pain is now gone. #edstagram

A photo posted by Grant Alexander (@xander85) on

The crowd was very very well behaved. I was actually really impressed. Ed was quite impressed himself by how well behaved the crowd was. During one song, “Wayfaring Stranger” he asked the crowd to just sit down, relax, enjoy it, and to please stay quiet for the duration of the song. That is exactly what they did. Not a peep, out of anyone. It was incredible & it made the song that much more beautiful. He did this for a few other songs too.
Ed also got the crowd involve as his “Gospel Choir” singing in harmonies, singing different parts to songs, or just singing the chorus as “loud & out of tune as possible”

The one thing that impressed me the most was how humble he is. He was talking about his music & his album, this may be slightly miss quoted but he said something like this.
“I don’t care how you got the album, whether you got it from a shop, got it on iTunes, or illegally downloaded it (crowd cheers) all that matters is that you made the effort to want to listen to my music, my songs, that when I do what I love, and play concerts for my fans, you know the songs, you know all the lyrics, I thank you for that!”
I respect any artist that says something like this. Not a lot of people these days actually pay for music, I am guilty of this myself, but the fact they care more about their music being listened too, than being paid for, is truly what music is all about, and for that comment, I respect you more than I already did before Ed Sheeran.

I could go on and on about how amazing this concert was. His use of the Boos Loop Station was truly amazing. I actually have some pretty good videos I managed to take, I shall post these up later on.

The show finished at about 11:30pm. I sent dad a text just before it finished & he was on his way. The security were kind enough to let us stay inside out of the cold for the most part, but we had to go out side as it got later.
Dad showed up not long after midnight, Stef returned the wheel chair back to security and thanked them once again for being so helpful to the both of us. I will be calling them to thank them personally on Monday.

By the time we drove back to drop of Stef, to grab my other things from her place & return home, I was in bed by about 1am & was absolutely exhausted. At this point I was still convinced I only sprained my foot.

The Hospital – Saturday

In the morning Mum took me to the hospital at about 1pm. I had to wait in the car parked in emergency at the Austin in Heidelberg whilst Mum ventured inside to get me a wheelchair. She returned with a chair & I hoped out of the car into the chair. I let her go & park the car whilst I wheeled myself in & began waiting to check in to triage.

It actually didn’t take that long before I got to sign in. The lady at the counter was really nice, we joked around a bit, and I proceeded to explain what happened (yet again). She took notes on the computer & said she will get the triage nurse to check my vitals etc very shortly.

About 5 mins later, the nurse came out, took my blood pressure etc & checked my foot. She then checked me into the “Fast Track” area. She also said “It is pretty busy tonight, so it may take a while, so please just be patient.”
Tonight? poor woman bus still be on her night shift, it was only 1pm. Either way we waited, mum went and got some coffee’s and not long after we got called in.
I was quite impressed! We were only waiting for about an hour! I was expecting it to take way longer than that.

They wheeled me in to a “bed”, well it was a chair, but still, they sat me down and asked if I needed anything. They were all really nice.

My doctor/physio was Kate, She asked me what happened, so once again I had to repeat it. Hahaha by now I was getting a little tired of telling the whole story, so my versions were getting shorter & shorter.
Kate booked me in for an x-ray & not long after I was in & out with the x-ray done.

As it turns out, my foot is indeed fractured. Not badly, but enough to take me out of action for six weeks. It was all a bit of a shock really because I was only expecting it to be sprained. Kate had a print out of the x-ray however between getting all the paper work done & checking out it got misplaced. So I will have to contact their radiology department for digital copies of the x-ray for my records, & for instagram of course! 🙂
My new friends for the next six weeks is a moon boot & a pair of crutches. The boot is to stay on 24/7 only to be taken off to shower & get changed.

broken foot in hospital

They gave me some drugs for the pain & a certificate for the week off work. I need to keep all weight off my left leg for at least a week. I also have an appointment on Thursday to get it checked up to see how I am going.
Hopefully by then I will be able to put some weight onto it.

Getting around on crutches is hard work! Very Hard Work!! I discovered this last night when I went to the footy to see Collingwood take on St Kilda at the MCG.
I was okay until we made our way out of the ‘G back to the car parked on the slippery grass. That was the hardest part.

In the morning my hands, shoulders & right leg were killing me! Putting all that weight on my hands and right leg is painful!

As I am writing this I got the WORST cramp in my left leg! I think I may have to put some voltaren on it. The muscle is strapped in & cannot move at all. That is the worst pain I have had. The foot does not even compare.

I called my boss today to give her the bad news. Good thing is I can work from home, and a colleague lives close by, so I may be able to get a ride to work when I can return next week.
In the mean time, I have my new X-Box 360, my new 3DS, plenty of movies & the London Olympics to keep me occupied for the next 7 days.

Anyway, I think I have written enough tonight to cover all of it. Such an epic 48hrs I have had.

I just want to thank my girlfreind Stef, @lilithia, for being so supportive & awesome by buying me gifts!
Thank you to the staff at the Palais for being so understanding & making my concert experience enjoyable despite my injury
To the staff at the Austin Hospital Emergency, you were all very kind & warm harted. Especially the guy that wanted my Amazing Spiderman tee because he was jealous of its awesomeness. His words not mine!
Thank you to my Dad for picking us up late on Friday night. Thank you to Mum for taking me to the hospital.

And thank you to all my twitter followers for the messages of support!

It’s going to be a long road, much like how long this post is lol! But I will get there in the end!

Stop this planet, I want to get off!

I have not done one of these rants in a while, and at the moment I am pretty pissed off with society.

So here we go


Our city is getting worse & worse!

All I see on the news is people getting stabbed, king hit, beaten to a pulp, raped, even killed.

What is wrong with our society that lets this go on and on and continue to happen? Seriously?

Like on the weekend for instance. This guy was just driving along, minding his own business when a youth deliberately threw a tennis ball at his windscreen.

The guy pulled over (big mistake) to tell the kid off, to most likely tell him “I could of had an accident, maybe even ran off the road and hit a tree”.

The youth then proceeded to attack him, then his mates came out, and the poor bloke is now in hospital with stab wounds.


Next I hear a guy was in the city on the weekend, and these guys started to say “you did you throw pizza at my girlfriend for?”

First of all, the guy didn’t even have a girlfriend, and secondly, what pizza? Obviously looking for trouble.

The guys mate came in for some support, to work out what the problem was, then these guys attacked him, king hit him, and now he is in hospital. In a serious condition. In an induced coma. A FUCKING COMA?! Over a fake girlfriend and invisible pizza?

THEN there is the story on the TV tonight about “Teen Girls On Display” wearing tight outfits, 3 sizes too small, wearing what looked like sparkly briefs as “shorts”.

They say the parents are POWERLESS???? Uhhhh WHAT?!?! Have you heard of a fucking lock? Keeping an actual eye on your children?

When I was 18-20 & went out, a girl that wore tight jeans, or a nice dress with just a tiny bit of flesh was sexy as. These girls think it is sexy? They think they are hot? It is vulgar!! Maybe if they were a porn star it would be okay. But no, once again, this needs to stop.

How can society just go by and let all of this shit happen? How is it that when I was going out in the city, this shit was never even heard of! It is actually turning me off wanting to go out in the city.

If this sort of disgusting and unacceptable behavior continues. Bars will suffer, they will close, and then our reputation for having a wide selection of Bars will cease to exist.

What adds to all of this is my brother told me of a photo he saw, with a cop, holding a beer bong, in full uniform. Yes, a Police Officer. A role model. The protector of our society. Holding a fucking beer bong. How is this acceptable? It gives all the people that do all of these despicable acts the impression that law enforcement don’t give a shit.

THAT is by far the worst.

(her comes the slightly amusing part)

With all these super hero movies out these days, I am surprised that some one has not become a masked vigilante . A Batman, an Iron Man, a Captain Melbourne (his outfit would suck tho)

Something needs to be done, or I will try to find another planet to live, because this one is pretty fucked right now.


Linkin Park – Living Things


Linkin Park – Living Things

I have been waiting for this album ever since the Burn It Down Single was released!

It is such a short album, but it is oh so amazing!

My favorite track would have to be Powerless.

I also love the way Linkin Park use tracks as a transition from one song to another.

Tinfoil is the best example of how they master this!

This album is definitely worth the listen!!

Virgin Sucks! Is it time for me to finally move over to Tel$tra?

I have had it up to here with the shit reception I have been having over the past few years.

I was with 3 Mobile, switched to Virgin 10 months ago hoping for an improvement. Still shit. So maybe its time I give in to my hate for Tel$tra so I can finally get the reception & coverage that I deserve.

As a result of my pent up frustrations, It is time, again, to contact my “service” provider & hope they give in to my wishes. If not, then it’s off to the TIO for a second time around to get out of my contract.

Bonus is that I may get an update to an iPhone 4S out of it…

My email to Virgin Mobile

In December 2010, I moved from 3 Mobile to Virgin mobile after issues with cellular connectivity & the lack of reception I was having at home & abroad.
Currently I am still having the same issues with your network. At home I have zero reception, if not worse than what it was with 3 mobile.
To put it in perspective, in order to receive phone calls at home I have a Telstra prepaid mobile that I use to divert calls to. That way I can actually carry a conversation longer than 30 seconds without it dropping out and having to call my friend back.
Even when I am at work on St Kilda road in Melbourne’s CBD I have trouble hearing my friends & subsequently end up calling them back from my works land line.
In almost 10 months, I have not seen any improvement.
I have already contacted the TIO to seek advice on this matter, hence my email to you.
I have an iPhone 4, iOS 5, non-jailbreak (not that it makes a difference)

The only reason I chose Virgin back in December was because you had the best offer at the time. In addition, being that you are on the Optus network, I was under the impression that the coverage would improve. This is not the case, and now I am stuck with a provider that is failing to provide me with the service that I require.

I wish to move my service over to Telstra where I know I will get the coverage that I deserve.

The Living End @ Precinct Hotel for Triple M’s Hot Breakfast

Stef managed to win us two tickets to go and see The Living End perform at Melbourne’s Precinct Hotel for Triple M’s Hot Breakfast!

It was amazing, totally worth getting up at 4:30am to get there by 6am.

Was great to see the show itself broadcast live! Then to put the icing on the cake, The Living End hit the stage just after 7am and opened with their top selling single Second Solution. They also played several tracks from their latest album The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating.

I won a few prizes too! Got a Living End poster & a Triple M Signed Guernsey.

I took my State of Emergency guitar tab book & the From Here On In DVD cover to get signed. I managed to get those two & the poster I won signed!! So happy!!!

To ensure that the poster stayed safe & undamaged whilst on our trip to Sydney I went to a post office, got a mailing tube, and sent it home to myself!!

Cannot wait to go to their gig at The Palace in September with my cousin Jarrod for his 21st Birthday. Meanwhile, here is their latest single, live from The Precinct Hotel for Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

Thank You Stef for getting me the tickets! Thank You Triple M Hot Breakfast & The Precinct Hotel for an awesome morning!! And of course, Thank You to Chris, Scott & Andy from The Living End for, as always, putting on an amazing show!! See you in September!!!

The Supanova Fail Whale

So today Stef and I went to Supanova. I had never been to a SciFi/Anime/Gamer/etc convention before. I had quite high expectations of what to expect. Sadly, I was severely disappointed. Not at the content or exhibitions they had, but at the event management itself. I suppose it’s what you get for having volunteers as people and event control.

It wasn’t all that bad really! Stef, myself and her friend Coral went to the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Q&A panel. Those two are hilarious and I hope they make many more movies together. They mainly talked about their new movie “Paul” which is in cinemas April 14.
Stef convinced me to join the public question line. We put it out to twitter with what to ask, got a few obscure replies so we decided to stick with Stef’s original thought “out of all your roles, either together or separate, which would be your favorite?”
Luckily one of the events people came to me whilst I was waiting to ask said question and said, “you’re the last one”. I was stoked!! And quite nervous!! I asked away and Nick replied with some drama movie that hit close to home personally. Where as Simon rattled off a few movies and said “I couldn’t pick one, it’s like choosing a favorite child” Nick replied, “now I feel like a jerk for picking a favorite” this was the only highlight of the day for me.

Whilst at the Q&A Stef was on twitter and a stall holder wanted a coffee and offered free Lego to who ever brought her one. We said why not and found her, she got a coffee but gave Stef the Lego anyway.

As the day went on, it got worse and worse, long queues, no air circulation, and lack of people management. I was cracking the shits bad. I really wanted the Lego thing Stef got! I LOVE LEGO!!! She was going to give it to her brother Edward whom also loves Lego! However after winging about it and the event itself, Stef gave it to me 🙂
It’s awesome, it’s Lego, it’s Star Wars and you can make eight things!! That’s eight things!!!!

We saw a snippet of the ‘One Man Lord Of The Rings’ show at one of the stages and I’m glad I did, because now I don’t want to see the show. I saw his star wars one 2 years ago, but this was not doing it for me. You just saved me some cash!

After Stef wanted to get her photo with Tom Felton, Draco Malfoy. The lines again were ridiculous!! We waited for almost two hours and then I found out the printer was broken. This was the reason for the delay.
Stef and I decided that it would be better if I waited in the photo pickup queue whist she got her photo done.
About another hour later and she was out!! I decided to go grab the car, and it was fucking pissing down with rain!! I got drenched!!!

Stef finally got her photo!! Now time to head home, shower, grab pizza beer and a movie.

Supanova was a waste of time and effort. Although I did like a few things, overall I felt that it was a waste. Others will say they liked it, loved it, and think it’s the best thing ever.

Stef only really went for Tom Felton and the Simon Pegg & Nick Frost panel. She got a photo with Tom and it turned out great!!

Happy Moomba 27th Birthday Fireworks Extravaganza!

Ok, so apologies for the EPIC title!! Well nah not really!

On March 14 1985 I entered this world as a bouncing baby boy, and it was that time of year again to celebrate such a momentous occasion!

Although the actual birthday gift receiving part of the day was rather non eventful. Except for Stef who got me tickets to the MSO on the previous Saturday evening and was treating me to Moomba. My brother didn’t really get me anything, but then again we have an agreement that if I don’t get him anything for his birthday (24-feb) then I would not expect anything in return. My parents didn’t get me anything either, this came as quite a disappointing surprise. In saying that, they have been absolutely amazing in assisting me get back on track with life so I guess that’s their present.

Stef and I were going to meet several people at federation square to explore the Moomba Festival. I can honestly say that I cannot recall the last time I went to Moomba, it was most likely as a child.

On the way to the city, we picked up Stef’s friend June. Stef & June have not seen each other in almost 15 years!! It was great to see that they still get along, a true friend ship has no distance or time limit and this was one of them. We made our way to the closest train station and headed to Federation Square to meet up with Stef’s other friend Coral and my mate Ash.

It took some time for everyone to arrive, but before we knew it we were on our way exploring the rides and making our way through the crowds. We stumbled upon dodgem cars! Now the last time I was on dodgem cars was way back in 2005 when I worked at the Melbourne Show doing catering! So it was a ‘no brainer’ that dodgem car action had to be had! Ash got into one car, June & Coral in another and then myself in the third car. Stef decided it would be wise of her to video the event (youtube) however I think she was silently scared! hehe
It was great fun!! Going around and around and around in circles trying as hard as I can to HIT the other cars as hard as I can!!

Before we knew it, the fun was over and we decided to venture deeper into the festival to track down some decent carnie noms. Whilst we were wandering and dodging people that were not paying attention, Stef suddenly decided she wanted me to win a plushie for her. But not just any plushie, a giant cuddly bear. This thought continued on and on throughput the day with Stef saying “IWANNABEAR” it was totes cute, however neither of us wanted to waste the money on trying to win one, then fail, so we gave it a pass. However still continuing to say IWANNABEAR all day haha.

We found a spot to eat and got ourselves some cheese kransky snags, they were mighty delicious and mighty expensive!! Two snags and some drinks cost me close to 25bux!!! That is REDICULOUS!!!
Whilst we were eating Stef called her other friend Ioanna to see where she was so she could meet up with us. Not long and she was here and we ventured down the river and then across to the other side.

Apart from Stef and Myself, it was the first time that each of the people on my birthday adventure had met. To our delight everyone was getting along just fine! No awkwardness or getting singled out, it was great!

We wondered around to the other side of the river where there were yet more carnie attractions and rides and yes… bears… IWANNABEAR!!!
June pointed out the giant drop ride and said “lets do that!”. I basically said, fat chance in getting me on that ride, Ash had done it before and was not up for it again and with Stef’s fear of heights, it was highly unlikely for her to go on it! However, June pulled the “I have not seen you in 15yrs” card and dragged Stef onto the ride along with Ioanna and Coral. There really is not much to this ride, it goes up in the air, waits, then drops. I could hear Stef’s loud high pitched scream as the ride fell to the bottom. You may just be able to hear it on this video (youtube) Ioanna left not long after this ride, she had to get home and prepare for her trip to China!!

After that we meandered our way through the crowds again and found ourselves at the live stage. The music was really strange, but also groovy. I forget the name but it was basically bollywood music live in concert. Ash decided that it was getting chilly, and as he lives opposite Flinder St Station, he decided to make a quick trip home for a jacket. I asked him for one as I did not listen to my mother in the morning “Take a jacket, it will get cold tonight” “Nah mum, she’ll be right” YEAH!? Famous last words they were!!! Ash returned after about half hour and was empty handed, oh well looks like I have learnt my lesson!

We decided it was time for a drink or two. So we made our way back around and accross the river again to Transport Bar. We grabbed a table, some brews, and chatted away. June told us that she was a doctor, we all thought this was awesome! None of us had ever known a doctor before!! June had studied overseas pretty much her entire life and got her Doctorate overseas too. She had awesome pics of injuries etc. It was rather a interesting conversation!! IWANNABEAR

The time was ticking closer and closer to 9:15 and that meant FIREWORKS!!! We hot footed it down to the river, then looked to the opposite side and saw all this empty space in front of the rowing sheds. So we hot footed it again across the bridge to the other side and managed to grab a nice spot on the grass. We parked our arses and waited, waited, waited then BANG!! the fireworks had started!
THIS WAS SOO AWESOME!!!! I had NEVER had fireworks on my BIRTHDAY before! and to spend it with friends and my amazing girlfriend Stef was even better! Fireworks NEVER dissapoint and this was no exception! it was a truly beautiful spectacle!! but as always, it came to and end…

As Ash’s apartment is so close by, he suggested we chill at his for a bit after. He broke out the Rock Band, and we got to rocking it out! I was cracking the shits hard core because I was not able to get the timing right. Apparently it is a lot more sensitive than guitar hero… We all had our shots at singing, guitar, bass and drums and it was getting late. June, Stef and I had to make sure we caught the train before they stopped service for the night. So we said farewell and made our way to the station and discovered that we had some time to kill. I said to Stef lets do that photo booth thing!! The first booth stole my money!! So we tried the second one and managed to get three photo’s taken. you can see them here one, two, three.

Before we knew it we were on our way back to drop June off then on our way home. I asked Stef “Have you ever had a kebab before?” She replied “what’s that?!”
I think you know what happend next, we stopped and got some kebab late night noms and then chilled watching half of Finding Nemo and then crashed.

I would have to say that it would be one of my best birthdays yet. You don’t need to get crunk or “fucked up” to have a great birthday! This was truly special and AWESOME!!

Thanks June, Ash, Coral and Ioanna for joining me and helping me celebrate!
And OF COURSE Stef!!! xoxo



The Birthday Song

Stef wrote me a song for my birthday!!!

I never thought that this would be,
A good equation together you & me,
I could go on about how much I think,
That this can’t be true,
But I know it’s real,
‘Cause I’m here with you

I never want this to end,
And you should know, you’re my best friend,
I could go on about how much I think,
That this could not be
But I know it’s real,
‘Cause you’re here with me

Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to you
And I hope that
All your wildest dreams come true

Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to you
Grant, I just want to tell you so much,
I love you
And I hope that this present
Isn’t too cheap for you

It was such a beautiful thing to do, no one has ever written me a song! I was so moved I cried for a bit. Truly the best present that anyone could wish for!

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra & My Birthday Part 1

On Saturday Stef took me to the Melbourne Town Hall to experience the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) play songs & scores by the incredible John Williams at the Star Wars And Beyond concert.

I have never been to see the MSO before! Stef went to see them about a month ago when they had the free concerts at the Myer Music Bowl. Unfortunately I was working for every single one of these free concerts so I could not attend. Stef bought me a ticket for my birthday (14/03) It was an amazing present, and also one of the many “firsts” that Stef and I find ourselves doing.

Our seats were right up in the back row. Yeah, it might sound like they were shit seats, however its better acoustically to sit at a distance from an orchestra. They opened with the Olympic Fanfare & Theme which was written for the LA Olympic Games. Next was JAWS!!! Those two famous notes! Duhhh Duh, Duuuhhhh Duh!! OH it was amazing! It sent chills down my spine!! Up next was the Lost In Space theme. I never watched this show, so these scores didn’t really have much of an impact on me.

One of my favourite movies of all time Jurassic Park was next on the play list! Oh it was soo cool! Every part of this score was amazing!!

I could literally go on and describe every song, but i would be here for ever doing so. Soooo here is a quick list of the rest of the songs.

Memoirs of a Geisha: Sayuri’s Theme
JFK: Theme
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Hedwig’s Theme
Far and Away: Suite
Catch Me If You Can: Closing In
Superman: March
Raiders of the Lost Ark: March
Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Excerpts
Schindler’s List: Main Theme

This one was awesome because the 1st char violinist stood up and did the solo section of the entire song. It was truly beautiful!!

The Phantom Menace: Suite
Star Wars Suite: Princess Leia’s Theme
The Empire Strikes Back: Imperial March
The Empire Strikes Back: Yoda’s Theme
Throne Room and Finale (credits) from Star Wars

Star Wars OF COURSE was truly awe inspiring!! I absolutely love these movies, and hearing the amazing work of John Williams played live was pure bliss, absolute BLISS. I closed my eyes at several points throughput these scores and was in heaven. What I liked best about this was the fact they played them, pretty much, without interruption. With exception of the stupid bitch sitting next to us with her FUCKING PHONE RINGING!!! RAAAGGGEEE!! Then she had it on and recording or something. The light was in the corner of my eye. Stef could see that i was getting irritated, and so was she, so Stef asked her to put her phone away. “but i didnt make any noises” Stef: “Its the light, its annoying the shit out of me” Perfect!! That was just awesome, thanks for that Stef!

With exception of that the MSO was truly AMAZING!! They even did an encore with the E.T. score from the bicycle chase! I definitely want to see the MSO again! If you would like to, check out their ‘what’s on’ calendar here

Sunday was next on my birthday weekend of awesomeness. I was meeting all the crew at the Templestowe Hotel for some afternoon drinks. It was supposed to be great weather, and they have an awesome section outside, however in true Melbourne style, the black clouds came in and the heavens opened. oh well there was plenty of room inside for us to chill.

Stef was quite nervous, because she is not really used to doing the “group” thing. She is more used to 1 or 2 people at a time. We got there and we got our drinks and chatted away. It wasn’t so bad, I thought Stef got along quite well with my mates! Especially that my mate Gordon went to primary school with her for one year 15 years ago!! We were only there for a few hours, chatted, drank, played pool, drank, chatted, drank. Was awesome to introduce my amazing girlfriend to my group of mates. I think they all liked her.

Mum got some take out bbq chicken and chips for dinner, we watched some tv and then Stef and I retired to my room for some….. Jurassic Park movie action. (what did you think i was going to say??? tisk tisk)
This movie is awesome, and was made so much better that we had heard the John Williams score for it live by the MSO!! We both were live tweeting like crazy and loving it! im sure the twitter universe was also loving getting flooded by the both of us!!

Before we knew it it was midnight and my birthday had arrived!!

Stef gave me a kiss and told me how much she loved me!! SQUEEEEE

When we kissed she told me that my kisses were out of this world.
I said “would you like to go to mars?”
Stef: “huh?”
Me: “i would like to take you out of this world again” and i kissed her again
Stef: “i dont want to go to mars”
Me: “then where would you like to go”
Stef: “the moon, its closer”
I burst out laughing, it was so cute the way she said it. I even made up a little song on the spot, the melody started out ok but then i just started to ramble!!

if i could take you to the moon
i would take you right now
we would fly there and sit in the dust
we would watch the earth come up
and maybe play some golf, then search for the flag
the one the americans left behind
thats not actually there
coz they never went
and its all fake
so we will be the first

You can sort of see where i went of towards the end, but i thought it was mildly amusing!

She is truly amazing, and I am very lucky to have her in my life. Not only is she my loving girlfriend, but she is also my best friend. I love you so much! and I am lucky to get a midnight kiss on my birthday!! She was feeling bad because she has not gotten me a card or anything. All I can ask for, is her to spend the day with me and my birthday is complete. I’m not one for material possessions, words and the expression of how one feels its way more valuable to me.

Time to stop rambling, got to sleep so my birthday can continue in the morning!

Good Night!