LEGO A-Wing Starfighter

Last week I had a really shit day, so I decided a little LEGO Retail Therapy was required to cheer me up. The result was the purchase of my latest Star Wars LEGO set. The A-Wing Starfighter.

Battle the Imperial Fleet with the super-agile A-Wing Starfighter™!
Bring the battle to the evil Empire with the Rebel Alliance’s super-fast A-wing Starfighter! As featured in Star Wars™: Episode VI Return of the Jedi™, the agile A-wing, with an opening cockpit, is perfect for attacking the Imperial Fleet! Build the same lightning-fast ship that destroyed Darth Vader’s Executor! Then, take on the Imperial forces with Admiral Ackbar, an A-wing pilot and Han Solo! source LEGO Wiki

The best thing about this set would have to be the Admiral Akbar mini-fig. He looks so boss with his cup! Like he’s about to kick back & drink the night away.

I guess the poor bloke needs to enjoy life before the next attack on the Death Star. IT’S A TRAP!

Akbar Trap

The A-Wing Starfighter comes with 3 Mini-Figs: Admiral Ackbar, Han Solo A-Wing Pilot.

A-Wing Starfighters

Star Wars LEGO – The New Obsession

It all started just before Christmas when Stef asked me what I wanted. Without hesitation, I responded “LEGO”! And so it began, a new obsession.

My current collection is small, however it is still pretty damn awesome! I mean, it’s Star Wars! How can it not be awesome?!

The collection started with this from Stef at Christmas. Stef also got me a Jedi Night Bath Robe, Light Sabre Torch, Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener, Light Sabre Key-Chain Torch & Chewbacca Slippers

Ewok Attack – The Ewok treetop hideout features a stone launcher, log trap, secret compartment, and retractable ladder. The set also contains 3 Mini Figures:  Imperial Scout Trooper complete with Scout Speeder, Logray & Ewok Warrior.

Ewok Outpost Ewok Outpost Minifig

My Brother also got two Star Wars LEGO sets for Christmas.

Geonosian Cannon – The Geonosian Cannon is loaded with dual click missiles. In addition to the cannon, this set includes three weapons and a lightsaber to aid in the attack. There are four Minifigures in this set: Barriss Offee, Clone Commander Gree, Geonosian Warrior, and a Geonosian Zombie.

 Geonosian CannonGeonosian Cannon Minifig


Elite Clone Trooper & Commander Droid Battle – A Republic Artillery cannon, complete with flick missiles, five blasters and a fully functional elevating turret are also included, with the cannon measuring 5 inches long and 3 inches tall. This set contains 4 Mini Figures: ARC Trooper, ARF Trooper, two Commando Droids. New eye-catching helmet designs for the ARC and ARF Troopers, while the Commander Droids are differently colored (copper) than the Commander Troopers and also feature a new, moulded head piece.


I also own the entire first two sets of the Planet Series

Naboo Starfighter & Naboo – Naboo Fighter Pilot Mini Figure

Sebulba’s Podracer & Tatooine – Sebulba Mini Figure

Tie Interceptior & Death Star – Tie Interceptor Pilot Mini Figure

 7305811788_fdf47e86e1_z-300x214 7250075090_021a6847d4_z-300x215 6932204814_3fe2e1fb7f_z-300x215

X-Wing Starfighter & Yavin 4 – X-Wing Pilot Mini Figure

Twin-Pod Could Car & Bespin – Lobot Mini Figure

AT-ST & Endor – AT-ST Driver Mini Figure

  starwars-2-300x300 LEGO-Star-Wars-Twin-Pod-Cloud-Car-Bespin-9678-13178642-5-300x300 9679-300x225

In addition to everything above, I also have a two Mini Figure Key-chains: Darth Vader & Boba Fett. I also purchased a Jango FettLuke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot on Saturday from Brickvention.

My mate Rob told me that Series 3 & 4 of the Planet Series have just been release! I must get these! But then again I WANT ALL OF THE LEGO!!

** set descriptions from