Triple J’s Hottest 100 of 2013

For the first time, in a very long time, I have actually sat down & shortlisted a bunch of my favorite songs to vote for in Triple J”s Hottest 100 of 2013. I managed to get my list to a Top 35. Including 3 Arctic Monkeys songs in my Top 10 and 2 Kingswood songs in the Top 5

Song of the Year:

Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys (video here)

Album of the Year:

AM – Arctic Monkeys {Number 1 Album on Triple J}


Top 10

  1. Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys (video here) {4}
  2. Arabella – Arctic Monkeys {18}
  3.  Ohio – Kingswood {53}
  4.  Give Life Back To Music – Daft Punk
  5.  Sucker Punch – Kingswood
  6.  Summer Forgive Me – British India {84}
  7.  If I Had A Tail – Queens Of The Stone Age {46}
  8.  Why’d You Only Call Me When You”re High? – Arctic Monkeys {6}
  9.  Under Your Skin – Dan Sultan {197}
  10.  Wolf {Like A Version} – Kingswood

Top 20

  1. Thirst – City And Colour {165}
  2. Afterlife – Arcade Fire {54}
  3. Shadow Moses – Bring Me The Horizon {92}
  4. I Want It All – Arctic Monkeys
  5. Riptide – Vance Joy {1}
  6. I Sat By The Ocean – Queens Of The Stone Age {72}
  7. Loud Like Love – Placebo
  8. Play With Fire – Vance Joy {95}
  9. Back To You – Twin Forks
  10. Demons – Imagine Dragons

Top 35

  1. Feel Good Inc. Ft. Urthboy And Scott & Andy From The Living End {Like A Version} – Ash Grunwald
  2. One For The Road – Arctic Monkeys {118}
  3. Southern Sun – Boy & Bear {41}
  4. Plastic Souvenirs – British India {154}
  5. Get Lucky – Daft Punk {3}
  6. Right Action – Franz Ferdinand
  7. Everything – Nine Inch Nails
  8. Love You Deserve – Stonefield {198}
  9. Werewolves – Calling All Cars
  10. Bonnie {Ft. The Griswolds} – Chance Waters
  11. No. 1 Party Anthem – Arctic Monkeys
  12. Snap Out Of It – Arctic Monkeys {182}
  13. Fireside – Arctic Monkeys
  14. Come A Little Closer – Cage The Elephant {132}
  15. Giorgio By Moroder – Daft Punk {162}

2013 in Film

Now that 2013 has been & gone, I have updated my films for the year. The Top 10 was hard to pick. However the number one film, for me, was an easy choice. “The Butler” wins hands down!

Not all of these films are 2013 release. There are a few from 2012. However, when I saw them at the cinema, they were in 2013.

Films are ranked from Most Favourite to Least Favourite & will link to @lilithia’s film review.

Top 10

  1. The Butler
  2. Saving Mr Banks
  3. Thor: The Dark World
  4. Captain Phillips
  5. Django Unchained
  6. Star Trek: Into Darkness (3D IMAX)
  7. Ender’s Game
  8. American Hustle
  9. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  10. Iron Man 3 (3D IMAX)

Everything Else

  1. Argo
  2. Oblivion (IMAX)
  3. Silver Linings Play Book
  4. Man of Steel
  5. White House Down
  6. Frozen
  7. Sound City
  8. The Bling Ring
  9. Elysium
  10. After Earth
  11. 2 Guns
  12. The World’s End
  13. This Is The End
  14. Jurassic Park (3D IMAX)
  15. R.I.P.D.
  16. The Wolverine
  17. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
  18. Jack Reacher
  19. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (3D HFR)
  20. The Family
  21. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
  22. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
  23. A Good Day To Die Hard
  25. Side Effects
  26. 21 & Over
  27. Olympus Has Fallen
  28. G.I. Joe: Retaliation (3D)
  29. Zero Dark Thirty
  30. Flight
  31. The Great Gatsby
  32. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug (3D HFR)
  33. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
  34. Planes
  35. Despicable Me 2

Films I wanted to see at the cinema, but missed. (not ranked)

#PAXaus 2013

Sadly I never actually finished this post. I ended up winning those headphones 😀

It wasn’t that long ago that I campaigned to win a trip to attend the San Diego Comic Con. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful. My partner, Stef & I were pretty heartbroken about it. We worked our ass off to try win. Stef more than anyone!

Shortly after the winners were announced, Stef discovered a Pokémon event was being held by Nintendo Australia at Melbourne’s Federation Square. The purpose of the event was to scout for Pokémon Masters & battle them against each other to represent Australia at the World Pokémon Championship in Canada.

This event sounded like a lot of fun! The best part was that, all entries had a chance win a ticket to attend the Penny Arcade Expo, PAXaus. The idea was to battle against other Pokémon Masters & qualify to attend the Australian Championship battle at PAXaus. So, in an attempt to win tickets to a sold out event, Stef & I went along in then hope that Stef would qualify & could attend PAXaus.

The day had arrived & I was up early & ready to pick up Stef to make our way into Fed Square to join in the fun. I had received a text from Stef over night saying that she wanted to sleep in a bit. So I waited a little longer before I headed over to pick her up. I arrived & she was still asleep! I had to drag her out of bed & get her motivated to go! I wanted her to attend the event because I wanted her to go to PAXaus! After some convincing, we were on our way! I was stressing out because registrations were supposed to close at 11am & I thought we were not going to make it. As it turned out, they left registrations open all day.

We finally arrived, Stef registered & we settled in for a long day! We were sitting at the back of the BMW Edge Centre, just playing our DS’s. Stef was training up her Pokémon as much as possible before her first round battle. Stef started talking to this lovely girl, Anne-Marie, about Pokémon. I don’t know how we got to this idea, but I decided to register to play & use Stef’s game. The idea was that I too would have a chance to attend PAXaus.
I even told the lovely girl at the registration desk my plan! Abby thought it was a brilliant idea! She even hinted that we may all receive a ticket to PAXaus due to the low registration numbers. I have never played this game before in my life, but I wanted to go to this event so bad! As it turned out, my opponent was Anne-Marie, the girl we had only just met!

The day went on & it finally got around to battle time for Stef. Unfortunately she did not win her first round. This sucked! I wanted her to win the first round so bad so that she got a ticket to PAXaus.
Shortly after, it was my turn to battle against Anne-Marie. I thought for sure she would win! Considering I have never played this game before! I do not know how, maybe it was just sheer luck, but I ended up winning! I felt bad because we had just befriended this person, then I just beat her at her own game 🙁

The celebrations were short lived when I got absolutely destroyed in the second round! It was over so quickly! Oh well, it was worth a try! It was now late in the afternoon & we were exhausted! After a short chat with Abby about how we will find out about the tickets, we headed home.

About a week after we attended, we both received emails stating that we qualified for a ticket to PAXaus!! YAY!! We were going!!

Pokemon Championship

I couldn’t believe our luck! Although something tells me that everyone that attended the battle event got a pass! Attending the sold out Penny Arcade Expo for an entire day was great as we would of been at SDCC that weekend! As we only had a day pass, we wanted to make the most of it! The decision was made that we would get there early & stay as late as possible!

The day finally arrived and we were off to the Penny Arcade Expo thanks to Nintendo! How exciting!

We got there repetitively early & registered at the info desk to receive our lanyard & ticket for entry. There were already heaps of people all lined up ready to take on PAXaus, at least a thousand, maybe more!

Shortly after 10am we were let in! You would expect that it would be a mad rush, people trampling over everyone to get in. It was the exact opposite of that! Everyone was calm, collected & was looking out for others! Right then & there, before I had seen anything, I knew this would be the best convention I have ever attended.

Stef & I were amazed at how much space PAXaus had! There was so much room to move around & through the massive crowds! Not long after we entered, we were greeted by the lovely people over at the Sennheiser booth. They were demoing their new, high performance, Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones.

I was playing around on the iPad & listening to these awesome headphones when one of the Sennheiser models told me about how I could win a pair for myself. Basically, all I had to do

Iron Man 3

First of all, there will be no spoilers in this post!

Ever since The Avengers came out 12 months ago I have been waiting in anticipation for the release of Iron Man 3.

Well, I have just returned home from a double feature at IMAX Melbourne of Avengers & Iron Man 3. Both displayed in stunning 3D.
IMAX put on a great evening! Iron Man 3 posters! (I scored one of these at the Oblivion event last week too). Mother energy drink to keep us awake! And a lucky door prize that consisted of a framed set of Avengers & Iron Man 3 posters! I did not win this, alas 🙁

After seeing The Avengers on the big screen again, I have forgotten how much I love this film!
Actually, that is a lie! I have ALWAYS loved this film! I just fell in love all over again! I mean, Just check out my wallpaper that has not changed in 12 months!

Avengers Wallpaper

Avengers was great in IMAX! It is a real shame that it was a special one off just for the release of Iron Man 3. They would make quite a bit of coin if they released it for a limited season.

Anyway, enough about Avengers! I am here to talk about IRON MAN 3!

Overall, I loved the film! So many moments in it made me question “what the hell is going on?” Then BAM! It brings you right back in!
Tony Stark is, as expected, his arrogant self! His quirky one-liners are awesome as always! His interactions with a new character really bring him back down to earth. Back to where it all started.
Pepper is great! She really steps up to the plate in this one! But what the hell happened to John Favreau? Did he eat his way into this film? Man he put on some weight…

I am not sure if it is because it’s 3:30am or the fact that it is near impossible for me to talk about it without giving away any spoilers! I could rant on and on about OMG THE SCENE WHERE HE & THEN THIS HAPPENED & THEN HE FLEW INTO THIS!!

… It is near impossible!

So, I will leave it at this. Iron Man 3 is great film! The IMAX experience was great! You MUST see this!!

I cannot wait to see this again, and again, and again, and… well you see where this is going!

Oh, and don’t be one of those idiots that leave as soon as the house lights come on! IT IS A MARVEL FILM! There is ALWAYS something a little extra! So I beg you! Hang around for the credits!

LEGO A-Wing Starfighter

Last week I had a really shit day, so I decided a little LEGO Retail Therapy was required to cheer me up. The result was the purchase of my latest Star Wars LEGO set. The A-Wing Starfighter.

Battle the Imperial Fleet with the super-agile A-Wing Starfighter™!
Bring the battle to the evil Empire with the Rebel Alliance’s super-fast A-wing Starfighter! As featured in Star Wars™: Episode VI Return of the Jedi™, the agile A-wing, with an opening cockpit, is perfect for attacking the Imperial Fleet! Build the same lightning-fast ship that destroyed Darth Vader’s Executor! Then, take on the Imperial forces with Admiral Ackbar, an A-wing pilot and Han Solo! source LEGO Wiki

The best thing about this set would have to be the Admiral Akbar mini-fig. He looks so boss with his cup! Like he’s about to kick back & drink the night away.

I guess the poor bloke needs to enjoy life before the next attack on the Death Star. IT’S A TRAP!

Akbar Trap

The A-Wing Starfighter comes with 3 Mini-Figs: Admiral Ackbar, Han Solo A-Wing Pilot.

A-Wing Starfighters

Star Wars LEGO – The New Obsession

It all started just before Christmas when Stef asked me what I wanted. Without hesitation, I responded “LEGO”! And so it began, a new obsession.

My current collection is small, however it is still pretty damn awesome! I mean, it’s Star Wars! How can it not be awesome?!

The collection started with this from Stef at Christmas. Stef also got me a Jedi Night Bath Robe, Light Sabre Torch, Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener, Light Sabre Key-Chain Torch & Chewbacca Slippers

Ewok Attack – The Ewok treetop hideout features a stone launcher, log trap, secret compartment, and retractable ladder. The set also contains 3 Mini Figures:  Imperial Scout Trooper complete with Scout Speeder, Logray & Ewok Warrior.

Ewok Outpost Ewok Outpost Minifig

My Brother also got two Star Wars LEGO sets for Christmas.

Geonosian Cannon – The Geonosian Cannon is loaded with dual click missiles. In addition to the cannon, this set includes three weapons and a lightsaber to aid in the attack. There are four Minifigures in this set: Barriss Offee, Clone Commander Gree, Geonosian Warrior, and a Geonosian Zombie.

 Geonosian CannonGeonosian Cannon Minifig


Elite Clone Trooper & Commander Droid Battle – A Republic Artillery cannon, complete with flick missiles, five blasters and a fully functional elevating turret are also included, with the cannon measuring 5 inches long and 3 inches tall. This set contains 4 Mini Figures: ARC Trooper, ARF Trooper, two Commando Droids. New eye-catching helmet designs for the ARC and ARF Troopers, while the Commander Droids are differently colored (copper) than the Commander Troopers and also feature a new, moulded head piece.


I also own the entire first two sets of the Planet Series

Naboo Starfighter & Naboo – Naboo Fighter Pilot Mini Figure

Sebulba’s Podracer & Tatooine – Sebulba Mini Figure

Tie Interceptior & Death Star – Tie Interceptor Pilot Mini Figure

 7305811788_fdf47e86e1_z-300x214 7250075090_021a6847d4_z-300x215 6932204814_3fe2e1fb7f_z-300x215

X-Wing Starfighter & Yavin 4 – X-Wing Pilot Mini Figure

Twin-Pod Could Car & Bespin – Lobot Mini Figure

AT-ST & Endor – AT-ST Driver Mini Figure

  starwars-2-300x300 LEGO-Star-Wars-Twin-Pod-Cloud-Car-Bespin-9678-13178642-5-300x300 9679-300x225

In addition to everything above, I also have a two Mini Figure Key-chains: Darth Vader & Boba Fett. I also purchased a Jango FettLuke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot on Saturday from Brickvention.

My mate Rob told me that Series 3 & 4 of the Planet Series have just been release! I must get these! But then again I WANT ALL OF THE LEGO!!

** set descriptions from

An Evening With Ed Sheeran & A Fractured Foot

The Concert & The Injury – Friday Night

After what was one of the busiest weeks I have ever had at work, I was really looking forward to Friday night.

My lovely girlfriend & I were off to see Ed Sheeran play a sold out show at St Kilda’s Palais Theatre.

We both finished work at 5pm. As I work in the city, I was there quite early. Stef was on her way from Box Hill where she works.

The “plan of attack” for the show was to get there early, get a spot right next to the door & be first in line. Stef would arrive & take over holding the spot. I would then venture down Acland St to grab some take away for dinner. Eat it in the line with the hour to go before doors open. Then hit the merchandise stand straight away to grab the Limited Edition EP’s that were available, perhaps some tees or hoodies if we felt like it. Then make our way to the seats and settle in for an incredible show.

Things were going to plan, I found a spot right at the front of door 4. I was chilling on the ground, playing 3D Mario Land on my newly acquired Ice White 3DS. Patiently waiting for Stef to arrive.
Some randoms had a chat to me, which was nice, then Stef turned up. It was now about 6:30.

Stef wanted a kebab for dinner & I am not one to argue about a kebab. Stef offered to pay, so she gave me her wallet & off I went.

I ventured down Acland St in search of kebabs. I found this nice looking place called FalafelXtra. I entered the shop & spoke to a nice young bloke who took my order.

Whist I was waiting for Stef, I downed quite a bit of water, so I was busting to go to the bathroom.

I asked the guy if I could use his bathroom. “Sure, not a problem, it’s just out the back sliding door & to the left”
It was now about 7pm

I ventured to the back of the place & opened the sliding door.

It was pitch black, no light on at all. I turned around to look for a light. As I turned, my left foot rolled over the edge of the step into a hole between the wall and the ramp down to the bathroom.

The hole was about 2ft deep, my entire left leg fell into the hole, putting the weight of my entire body onto my rolled foot.
I was still busting to pee, so I attempted to stand up, I fell over straight away. So I had to hop to the bathroom.
I did my business, then hopped back out into the restaurant & said to the guy “Do you not have any lights out back? I just fell into a hole and fucked my foot!”

Needless to say I was pretty pissed off & angry, but I was also in a lot of pain.

I recall the guy saying “I turned them off just before, because no one was out there.” If that was the case he should of warned me about the darkness & the step. He also should of turned the light on for me before I even went out there.

I sat down & put my foot up onto another chair. The first thing I did was ask for something frozen, an ice pack, or a bag of frozen food so I could ice it. He was pretty quick & returned with a bag of frozen food & a towel. I began to ice it straight away. I asked him if there was a first aid kit so I could strap it. All there was were some bandages, so I did my best to secure my foot, but it wasn’t that good.

The young guy handled himself really well, he was really nice & notably flustered with the whole situation. I asked him to return Stef’s wallet to her back at the Palais. He was kind enough to run back and return it to her. Stef was freaking out that I was not going to make it back before doors opened in half an hour. Stef got her wallet & was now able to enter and without me and buy merch as per our original plan.

I then began to think about how I was going to return to the Palais to see Ed Sheeran. I said to the guy “You are going to have to pay for a taxi to get me back, because I cannot walk, as I fell in your shop”
He then said “I will call my boss, he will be here soon” I was okay with this.

I waited about 15 minutes & Harry the manager turned up. He looked concerned, was wondering what happened. So I proceeded to tell him the entire story again. He didn’t really say that much, was just checking out my foot, seeing if I could move it etc. However I still could not put any weight onto it.

As we were discussing my foot, another partron interrupetd and mentioned that she was a registered nurse. She offered to assist in strapping my foot. She said we needed something better than the bandages & that I would require crutches. I asked Harry if there was a chemist near by, as they hire out crutches & would have the correct pressure banagages to secure my foot. He offered to pay for the cost of the crutches but he wanted my drivers licence to use for ID. I was okay with that, all I was really worried about was getting to the gig.

As Harry left in search of the chemist, the lovely nurse was inspecting my foot. She said it’s not broken because the pain would be higher, however it may be fractured or just serverly sprained.

Whilst all this was happening, I called home to speak to my folks. Mum answered the home phone & for some reason I could hear her, but she could not hear me. So I hung up and called Dad’s mobile. He had just left the house to get take away. So I gave him the whole story & I asked if he could pick the two of us up from the Palais after the gig. He said just let me know when to leave & I’ll meet you out front.

Harry returned without crutches, they were closed. He then went back out to search for a proper pressure bandage. Shortly after he returned with Elastoplas Sports Tape. It wasn’t perfect but it would do the job okay.
The nurse assisted in getting it strapped properly and I was all ready to head back.

I was still hungry, so they kindly gave me the order I came in for, free of charge of course. Harry assisted me to the front of the shop where the young guy took me in his car back to the Palais for the show.

The crowd was massive! I was freaking out! How the hell was I going to do this?!
He pulled over in front of Luna Park & I put my arm around him & hopped on over to the Palais. I made my way through the crowd & got to the door. I let the guy go & thanked him once again for all his help.

The security were a bit shocked. Like, WTF is with this guy, on one foot, with his shoe in his hand, holding a bag with hot kebabs in it? So once again, I explained my situation yet again & that Stef had my ticket & should be waiting at door 4.
They called for the head security guy, I forget his name, but he was so nice! He got me a wheel chair, found Stef for me & took me over to the cloaking desk.
We checked in our stuff & I was wondering why there was more than we had before I left to get food.

Stef decided to spoil me with merch! She got me an Ed Sheeran hoodie, two tee’s & the limited edition EP’s! Stef is so amazing, she always spoils me & buys me awesome things! I am so lucky to have such an amazing soul in my life! Thank you Stef, you really cheered me up after everything that happened!

The security guard wheeled me in to our seats & we were quite lucky that our seats were in the aisle. So I was able to sit quite comfortably.
All of the staff at the Palais Theatre were so lovely, nice & understanding of my situation. They got me an ice bag & even a booster seat with a pillow to rest my foot on.
Before Ed Sheeran came on, I was sitting to the side, on a chair with my foot up on the other. The support act came on & they let me stay there right up until Ed came on.I could of stayed there all night, however they needed those seats for the security personnel to police the aisles to stop people from rushing the stage.

When you sprain your ankle you have to keep it elevated. @edsheeran #edstagram

A photo posted by Grant Alexander (@xander85) on

We got moved back to our seats. Ready to get the concert started! The crowd was going nuts! So many screaming teenage girls! It was insane! Then, out he came! ED SHEERAN!! OMG!! All of a sudden my foot wasn’t that bad!
Needless to say, Ed Sheeran was INCREDIBLE!! I was truly amazed! So was Stef! The looks on her face when he rhymed & rapped so quickly! It was amazing!

Thank You @edsheeran! I may have sprained my ankle getting here but the pain is now gone. #edstagram

A photo posted by Grant Alexander (@xander85) on

The crowd was very very well behaved. I was actually really impressed. Ed was quite impressed himself by how well behaved the crowd was. During one song, “Wayfaring Stranger” he asked the crowd to just sit down, relax, enjoy it, and to please stay quiet for the duration of the song. That is exactly what they did. Not a peep, out of anyone. It was incredible & it made the song that much more beautiful. He did this for a few other songs too.
Ed also got the crowd involve as his “Gospel Choir” singing in harmonies, singing different parts to songs, or just singing the chorus as “loud & out of tune as possible”

The one thing that impressed me the most was how humble he is. He was talking about his music & his album, this may be slightly miss quoted but he said something like this.
“I don’t care how you got the album, whether you got it from a shop, got it on iTunes, or illegally downloaded it (crowd cheers) all that matters is that you made the effort to want to listen to my music, my songs, that when I do what I love, and play concerts for my fans, you know the songs, you know all the lyrics, I thank you for that!”
I respect any artist that says something like this. Not a lot of people these days actually pay for music, I am guilty of this myself, but the fact they care more about their music being listened too, than being paid for, is truly what music is all about, and for that comment, I respect you more than I already did before Ed Sheeran.

I could go on and on about how amazing this concert was. His use of the Boos Loop Station was truly amazing. I actually have some pretty good videos I managed to take, I shall post these up later on.

The show finished at about 11:30pm. I sent dad a text just before it finished & he was on his way. The security were kind enough to let us stay inside out of the cold for the most part, but we had to go out side as it got later.
Dad showed up not long after midnight, Stef returned the wheel chair back to security and thanked them once again for being so helpful to the both of us. I will be calling them to thank them personally on Monday.

By the time we drove back to drop of Stef, to grab my other things from her place & return home, I was in bed by about 1am & was absolutely exhausted. At this point I was still convinced I only sprained my foot.

The Hospital – Saturday

In the morning Mum took me to the hospital at about 1pm. I had to wait in the car parked in emergency at the Austin in Heidelberg whilst Mum ventured inside to get me a wheelchair. She returned with a chair & I hoped out of the car into the chair. I let her go & park the car whilst I wheeled myself in & began waiting to check in to triage.

It actually didn’t take that long before I got to sign in. The lady at the counter was really nice, we joked around a bit, and I proceeded to explain what happened (yet again). She took notes on the computer & said she will get the triage nurse to check my vitals etc very shortly.

About 5 mins later, the nurse came out, took my blood pressure etc & checked my foot. She then checked me into the “Fast Track” area. She also said “It is pretty busy tonight, so it may take a while, so please just be patient.”
Tonight? poor woman bus still be on her night shift, it was only 1pm. Either way we waited, mum went and got some coffee’s and not long after we got called in.
I was quite impressed! We were only waiting for about an hour! I was expecting it to take way longer than that.

They wheeled me in to a “bed”, well it was a chair, but still, they sat me down and asked if I needed anything. They were all really nice.

My doctor/physio was Kate, She asked me what happened, so once again I had to repeat it. Hahaha by now I was getting a little tired of telling the whole story, so my versions were getting shorter & shorter.
Kate booked me in for an x-ray & not long after I was in & out with the x-ray done.

As it turns out, my foot is indeed fractured. Not badly, but enough to take me out of action for six weeks. It was all a bit of a shock really because I was only expecting it to be sprained. Kate had a print out of the x-ray however between getting all the paper work done & checking out it got misplaced. So I will have to contact their radiology department for digital copies of the x-ray for my records, & for instagram of course! 🙂
My new friends for the next six weeks is a moon boot & a pair of crutches. The boot is to stay on 24/7 only to be taken off to shower & get changed.

broken foot in hospital

They gave me some drugs for the pain & a certificate for the week off work. I need to keep all weight off my left leg for at least a week. I also have an appointment on Thursday to get it checked up to see how I am going.
Hopefully by then I will be able to put some weight onto it.

Getting around on crutches is hard work! Very Hard Work!! I discovered this last night when I went to the footy to see Collingwood take on St Kilda at the MCG.
I was okay until we made our way out of the ‘G back to the car parked on the slippery grass. That was the hardest part.

In the morning my hands, shoulders & right leg were killing me! Putting all that weight on my hands and right leg is painful!

As I am writing this I got the WORST cramp in my left leg! I think I may have to put some voltaren on it. The muscle is strapped in & cannot move at all. That is the worst pain I have had. The foot does not even compare.

I called my boss today to give her the bad news. Good thing is I can work from home, and a colleague lives close by, so I may be able to get a ride to work when I can return next week.
In the mean time, I have my new X-Box 360, my new 3DS, plenty of movies & the London Olympics to keep me occupied for the next 7 days.

Anyway, I think I have written enough tonight to cover all of it. Such an epic 48hrs I have had.

I just want to thank my girlfreind Stef, @lilithia, for being so supportive & awesome by buying me gifts!
Thank you to the staff at the Palais for being so understanding & making my concert experience enjoyable despite my injury
To the staff at the Austin Hospital Emergency, you were all very kind & warm harted. Especially the guy that wanted my Amazing Spiderman tee because he was jealous of its awesomeness. His words not mine!
Thank you to my Dad for picking us up late on Friday night. Thank you to Mum for taking me to the hospital.

And thank you to all my twitter followers for the messages of support!

It’s going to be a long road, much like how long this post is lol! But I will get there in the end!

Stop this planet, I want to get off!

I have not done one of these rants in a while, and at the moment I am pretty pissed off with society.

So here we go


Our city is getting worse & worse!

All I see on the news is people getting stabbed, king hit, beaten to a pulp, raped, even killed.

What is wrong with our society that lets this go on and on and continue to happen? Seriously?

Like on the weekend for instance. This guy was just driving along, minding his own business when a youth deliberately threw a tennis ball at his windscreen.

The guy pulled over (big mistake) to tell the kid off, to most likely tell him “I could of had an accident, maybe even ran off the road and hit a tree”.

The youth then proceeded to attack him, then his mates came out, and the poor bloke is now in hospital with stab wounds.


Next I hear a guy was in the city on the weekend, and these guys started to say “you did you throw pizza at my girlfriend for?”

First of all, the guy didn’t even have a girlfriend, and secondly, what pizza? Obviously looking for trouble.

The guys mate came in for some support, to work out what the problem was, then these guys attacked him, king hit him, and now he is in hospital. In a serious condition. In an induced coma. A FUCKING COMA?! Over a fake girlfriend and invisible pizza?

THEN there is the story on the TV tonight about “Teen Girls On Display” wearing tight outfits, 3 sizes too small, wearing what looked like sparkly briefs as “shorts”.

They say the parents are POWERLESS???? Uhhhh WHAT?!?! Have you heard of a fucking lock? Keeping an actual eye on your children?

When I was 18-20 & went out, a girl that wore tight jeans, or a nice dress with just a tiny bit of flesh was sexy as. These girls think it is sexy? They think they are hot? It is vulgar!! Maybe if they were a porn star it would be okay. But no, once again, this needs to stop.

How can society just go by and let all of this shit happen? How is it that when I was going out in the city, this shit was never even heard of! It is actually turning me off wanting to go out in the city.

If this sort of disgusting and unacceptable behavior continues. Bars will suffer, they will close, and then our reputation for having a wide selection of Bars will cease to exist.

What adds to all of this is my brother told me of a photo he saw, with a cop, holding a beer bong, in full uniform. Yes, a Police Officer. A role model. The protector of our society. Holding a fucking beer bong. How is this acceptable? It gives all the people that do all of these despicable acts the impression that law enforcement don’t give a shit.

THAT is by far the worst.

(her comes the slightly amusing part)

With all these super hero movies out these days, I am surprised that some one has not become a masked vigilante . A Batman, an Iron Man, a Captain Melbourne (his outfit would suck tho)

Something needs to be done, or I will try to find another planet to live, because this one is pretty fucked right now.


Linkin Park – Living Things


Linkin Park – Living Things

I have been waiting for this album ever since the Burn It Down Single was released!

It is such a short album, but it is oh so amazing!

My favorite track would have to be Powerless.

I also love the way Linkin Park use tracks as a transition from one song to another.

Tinfoil is the best example of how they master this!

This album is definitely worth the listen!!