Farewell, Old Friend

The year was 2005, driving around in my 1994 Toyota Corolla Seca. I drove past this used car dealer in Preston and dropped in to have a look at some potential new cars. I saw this bright Red 2003 Volkswagen Golf in the centre of the lot. I remember it was late afternoon and it had been raining all day. I had a quick look at it, sat in it, but that was it. The dealer was about to close. Weeks past, then months and when went back past the same place and it was closed. There was nothing there any more and I was sad. I couldn’t stop thinking about this little red golf I had seen. I started seeing more VW’s on the road too. Taunting me, teasing me, like I was never going to own one.

About 6 months had passed and I started looking for cars again. I remember a work colleague at the time said they had got their car from Bayford Group. So I looked them up and went for a visit. It was a Sunday and I didn’t know they were all closed on Sundays. So I went back the next weekend to have a closer look. Guess what I found? THE SAME CAR! The exact same Red Golf I had saw over half a year ago. It hadn’t been sold yet. Like it was waiting for me to find it again. I took it for a test drive and also took some other models for a drive too. A Mark V Golf, it was nice, but it had way to many km’s for the price they wanted. I went back the following week with my parents. We all took it for a spin and all loved it. So I bit the bullet and got it that very day! I was so happy! It was like after seeing it for that very first time, it was meant to be. It was only 4 years old. 16,500 on the clock. Basically brand new.

My Car & I spent so much time together. Travelling to the beach. Ballarat for several gig road trips. Late night kebab runs with Stef. Most of it was amazing. Some of it, not so much. Car accidents, towing due to gearbox, running out of fuel due to a faulty gauge (that’s my excuse & I stick by it LOL). I am very lucky to have people in my life that have been there to help when the car broke down. My mechanic has been an absolute legend. Getting me back on the road quickly & (mostly) painlessly. Letting me pay a big repair bill over a few weeks. Not many places will let you do that. I will forever be grateful to him & his crew.

It’s been 10 years of love and heartache, mostly love. 10 years of getting me where I need to go. 10 years and 100,000+ km’s of being my chariot. 10 years of my life I was happy to spend with you.

But, sadly, it is time to move on. Time to get a car that is not only nice and new, but financially reliable. Tomorrow, I hand over your keys and pick up my brand new Hyundai i30. It’s white, it’s got leather seats, it’s got all the new car warranty and bonuses you expect. Capped priced servicing, road side assistance. Even my car insurance covers towing. A new chariot I can hopefully call my friend for another 10 years. I hope you find a new home where someone will love you as much as I have. I am both sad and happy. Stef and I have already given the new car a name. My Golf was red, so we called it Ruby. The i30 is White, so we have called it Snowy.

It’s so hard to say farewell to something that has been part of your life for that long. But it is for the best.

Ruby, I will miss you :'(

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