one shall stand, one shall fall

recently i went to see transformers. went with tegan bowler and gordie to go see it, we got there close to the movie starting (wich was a bad idea looking back) and it was sold out! what are we gonna do now?? bowler used to work there so he turned on his charm and conviced the ticket box girls to let us in on the staff screening, for FREE!!! was a pretty awsome movie, great effects not much of a storyline, but all in all a good movie. for those die hard old skool transformer fans, most likely not the movie for you.

optimus prime

the image you see above is a toy i purchased from i recently sold my old sony ericsson z800i and had some extra cash in my paypal account so i got this. i also ordered a limited edition halo kubrick comes with 4 figurines, its on pre-order so ill post pics when it arrives.

still workin at the officeworks, powering away in receiving. hopefully i’ll be able to enroll into the m.i.t program soon (manager in training) so i can earn some more $$ and further my carrer.

in music news i went out with ash and mcmannus on fri nite to catch a band called red on white. they were pretty awsome, unique sound. for gigs and music, check em out on their myspace

the site is currently still in design mode, so stay in touch to see how it changes. also check out ash’s site can you see him riding the robot.

gorilla lolling

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One thought on “one shall stand, one shall fall

  1. At first I was like “well cool, i needed that” then she started to rot, and I think the resurrection spell wore off, so I lol’d and went to get the shuvel.

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